Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Inquiry: Annotating the bibliography

My process:  My research process has been diverse.  I have done a lot of experimenting with things discussed in class (google+, TEDtalks, etc).  I have also done a little traditional bookwork.  The research has often varied in its depth, but I believe that I have found some good resources

Jonathon Harris. (Plato, Byzantium, and the Italian Renaissance) Discusses the interactions between Byzantium and the Italians.  Sharing of information, collaboration, and creativity. [This is the article that provided ideas for the historical analogy section.

Clayton Christensen. (Disrupting Class)   Innovations are often used to reinforce preexisting institutions, but disruptive innovation enters the arena and changes the way that things are done.  This book outlines evidence for and actions to change the way that education is conducted. [I found this book when I  was researching key thinkers in education innovation]

Jack M. Maness. (Library 2.0: Web 2.0 and Its Implications for Libraries)  The emergence of the Library 2.0 concept and several concepts associated with it.  This article is a concise and well-written article on Library 2.0 [Found through Google]

Richard Baraniuk. (Richard Baraniuk on open-source learning)  Baraniuk is a professor at Rice University and has done a lot of research on open-source learning. He want to create a knowledge ecosystem in which anyone in the world can create, innovate, and share.   [I found this talk when browsing through TEDtalks and was impressed by the research]

Sheila C. Bibb.  (Students studying students)  Bibb is a adjunct professor at Brigham Young University.  She works with her students conducting research at the Harold B. Lee library studying how students interact with the library and how things can be improved.  [Professor Bibb was mentioned by Professor Burton and I was able to go talk with her about her research]

Clayton Christensen  (Disrupting Class -mentioned above)  Christensen is famous for his studies in disruptive innovation in regards to business, but has also focused his efforts on advancing innovation in education [Christensen is an important thinker and his ideas contribute to changes that need to happen in the educational system]

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