Monday, January 30, 2012

Kicking and Screaming

My digital concept is Information.  While looking over the syllabus, I had a connection with the concept of disruptive innovation.  As humans we enjoy being comfortable.  This is in part what drives us to reach out to new ideas and ways of living.  The need for comfort drives some people to innovate, but it drives others to resist any change.  I personally am not one who changes quickly and this class has helped me realize this.  I like the concept of new technology, but am slow in making full use of it.  
I posted a comic on google+ last week about the difference in how programmers and programmers view each other.  Adam Jones mentioned in his comments (thanks for that by the way)  that this class is a force for learning new things.  I believe that this is true.  In a normal situation I would keep to my trend of checking facebook once a week and using the computer solely for writing papers and watching dumb clips on youtube.

The thing is history has taught us that those who will not adapt to modern technology will be left in its wake.  Societies with bronze tools upstaged people with stone tools and in turn the bronze age succumbed to the iron age.  I have made stone tools and they look cool, but it is easier and more effective to make use of modern technology.

So are all of us digital cavemen doomed to be left bloody and bruised as the computer age passes us by?  Or do we have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the digital world?  I don't think so. Mankind is always moving forward and new technology has not stopped them for millions of years.  I like to think that the cavemen at the top of this post will eventually see the benefits of the wheel and live better lives for it.  I am slow, but I will get there.

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